Thursday, 30 June 2011

What about the economy?

Who has the poorest grasp of the economy?

Politicians? they seem to think that creating money and pumping it into the system will make our economy grow.

The populous ? they have less money and the goods they buy cost more so they spend according to their income.

Why do we have to pay interest on loans to keep our countries from bankruptcy? and why do the IMF EMF , etc have to charge interest?
Surely we are all in the same handcart thats going to hell so why not just give us back the money we have already put in?

My thoughts at the start of this great depression was to give every working person their yearly salary to spend as they wish or to impose spending criteria such as buying only uk products. That would have had a better impact on the economy instead of bailing out banks.

Remember this........This crisis was brought about by our economy being based on debt, the sooner we start adding to our economy by manufacturing things the better. Banks lending money will not cure our ills

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pablo said...

As if by magic, Ron Paul recommends not paying interest to the fed to save $1.4T