Friday, 15 February 2008


is this what lifes about
is this all there is?
to enjoy 2 way love one time
then live my life alone

to see the birth of all our kids
was something I'll never forget
just like the time you said "I do"
its etched into my mind

If ever I'm allowed to
move on with my life at all
I'm sure Ill find someone better than you
But is that what its all about?

You dont need me to tell you
how imperfect you are
you know too well all those things
which make you who you are.

Ive never wanted many things
to make my life complete
but it seems that you've always thought of me
as somewhere to wipe your feet

Do you really think that someone youve never met
can really make you realise
your mind is not upset?
I see the day quite clearly when you abandon all the kids
because you think the pressures too great
to deal with all their ills

I know deep down youre hurting
much more than anyone knows
but the more you try to hide it
the more it really shows

If your view of reality
is based on the internet
then surely you should read somemore
and discover why youre so upset with
all your family and friends

They are all there waiting for you to contact them
they are really scared of your moods
they dont want you to throw a strop
and never speak again

I sit here writing poetry
at 4am on why's that?
because I sleep so badly
itching shaking
dreaming of you treating me badly
and Im trying to run but you just wont let me go

Ive been you knight in shining ever since we met
I write all my own poetry I dont steal it off the net
I dont pretend to be someone I dont give false hope to the weak
I'm sure if you saw what you'd really done You'd be the first to speak
about how sorry you were and how much forgiving that you need
well guess who'd be there with that tender care that you'd need?

I know as poetry goes that this is not the best
it doesnt rhyme always and has bad structure too
But its how I need to say my peice
so yaboosucks to you

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